A groundbreaking interactive platform allowing tenants and occupiers to
virtualise and plan their workspace.

Adapt to changing tenant requirements by providing a planning tool for occupants



Empower occupiers to plan and visualise different layouts



Play with multiple fit out variations to ensure your space optimises efficieny



Maximise your time by avoiding multiple trips to site



Transform the leasing experience

revvis is ideally placed to secure your next tenant. Tenants can explore their new office, sit at their new desk and visualise their surroundings. All without the necessity of travel and on site visits.

Increase Team Engagement

revvis empowers employees to unleash their creativity by testing different furniture configurations to ensure a workspace meets their company's requirements. Increasing engagement from prospective tenants assists them in making informed decisions which increases the saleability of any workspace.

Save Money

Transform static plans into immersive and interactive CGI walkthroughs at the fraction of the cost of traditional CGI’s.

Upsell Furniture & Finishes

Our customisable catalogue provides users the opportunity to interact with multiple fit out options. Users can choose from a huge selection of products visualising how they'll look in the office in real-time. Landlords and agents can create a bespoke catalogue where they showcase products direct from their suppliers to prospective tenants within the revvis platform.

Website Integration

Our interactive 3D tours simply embed into your chosen website and can be streamed in high definition across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Reach and engage your tenants in just one click

Complete Marketing Package

Take unlimited 4K renders from within revvis. Showcase high quality fly through videos as part of your digital marketing strategy. All your marketing in one easy package. uses cookies where necessary for the operation of its website. To help better understand how our website is used we also use analytics cookies, but only if you consent. See our cookie statement for more details.