Bring any property, to life by transforming architectural drawings into engaging interactive viewing experiences for your audience. No matter the size of your company or the type of property you are selling revvis enables you to engage your target audience with ground-breaking rendering technology.


Control Lighting

revvis will simulate lighting conditions at different times of the day. Our simple slider allows users to travel through time experiencing any proeprty from dusk till dawn.

Understand how shadows change and light reacts to furniture and material placement. revvis is rich with detail and truly brings any property to life.



Measure with precision

revvis has a built-in tape measure which allows users to accurately measure between any two points in a property. Whether refitting a new kitchen or making sure the perfect sofa fits in your living room revvis provides all the necessary data to ensure you make informed decisions

Craft your vision

Decorate your perfect property with thousands of furniture and raw material products directly from revvis global catalogue.

The customisable and extensive catalogue of decor and furniture selections reflect real products and are linked to supplier’s stores for purchase.

Create a bespoke catalogue specifically for your project or development. Showcase different furniture or fit-out options directly to buyers providing unique up-selling opportunities.



Explore with Freedom

revvis offers users three different viewing modes to explore any property, whilst changing décor, furniture, soft furnishings or planning their gardens. The orbital mode allows users to view the exterior of a property, from any angle. Our interactive 2D floorplan communicates layouts whilst enabling users to visualise design changes in real-time. The first-person viewing mode provides users their own personal viewing experience where you can walk freely exploring all areas of a property

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