Welcome to the future of property visualisation…
Revvis is a new and unique platform allowing you to visualise a home or any property in real time, before it is even built.
Taking 3D virtual tours to a whole new level, the Revvis platform offers enhanced interactivity for a truly bespoke and memorable experience. Step into your own virtual property using Revvis and walk through a real time view as if you’re really there.
Don’t just imagine what your property will look like, bring your personal vision to life in three dimensions. From statement furniture and ambient lighting through to the finishing touches, you can style the property exactly how you want it from the inside out – all with the click of a mouse.
Welcome to the future of property visualisation…
Share drawings and floor plans
Send our helpful customer service team your annotated floor plans, CAD drawings and elevations of the property.
We get to work for you
We will build your interactive, 3D floor plans using the exact measurements provided.
Your visualisation is ready
Log onto your account and you will be able to visualise the property and enjoy styling and furnishing the indoor and outdoor spaces.
What’s special about Revvis…
The technology behind Revvis is the latest in 3D; usable as well with virtual reality glasses bringing you the ultimate advanced interactive experience.
24/7 access on your desktop PC or laptop using our plug-in.
Plan your room in easy steps – anyone can use it.
Use our precise measuring tool and keep tabs on the cost of your interior design choices.
User-friendly architect and designer features for a fraction of the cost.

Given the current climate, the ability to now give virtual tours of our properties has enabled us to keep marketing to potential buyers.

Antony Crovella 'sales & marketing director at Meyer Homes`

Partnering with Revvis has added that extra dimension to our marketing offering that few other suppliers can deliver. [...] Revvis takes personalisation and VR to the next level and we're really excited to offer the product to our customers.

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