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Nigel O'Connell

Nigel O'Connell

Nigel O'Connell

Sales & Marketing Director based in London, UK.

Tuesday 17, May, 2022

Positive Impacts of Green Design

Sustainable design and green building practices can make a building more attractive inside and out, improving the comfort and quality of the indoor environment, improving community and global citizenship, enhancing biodiversity and increasing occupancy health....
Thursday 14, April, 2022

How the metaverse can positively impact real estate

The metaverse is a new concept and as such it would be easy to ignore, especially given so many so-called experts have different ideas and opinions about what actually constitutes the metaverse, what industries it will impact and what effects these will have on our day to day personal or professiona...
Tuesday 22, February, 2022

Industries That Have Been Transformed by 3D Rendering

It's no wonder various industries have embraced 3D rendering as a medium to better communicate their ideas to their customers. Thanks to 3D visualisation software, architects, designers and advertisers can communicate immersive and engaging representations of unbuilt projects or products to prospect...
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