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Covid-19 has accelerated the working from home (WFH) trend which has subsequently increased online activity in this new era.  Advertising has shifted dramatically over the past decade from newspapers and window cards to online portals.  More digital tools are now emerging which make selling, buying and renting a property far simpler, empowering consumers to make more informed decisions.

When it comes to selling your development, knowing that more than 90% of searches start online, it is imperative to find different ways to stand out from your competition and give your buyers as much information as possible to enable their decision making. Interactive CGI is a brand-new technology that offers a unique way to engage buyers and allow them to visualise and customise their new home, at any stage of the development. 

We look at 5 benefits that Interactive CGI offers developers:

1. Interactive CGI helps your development stand out 

It is critical to capture the attention and imagination of buyers and to ensure your development stands out from the competition.  

Interactive CGI’s enable a buyer to walk through a virtual rendering of the property in 1st person which brings the property to life and demonstrates its full potential.  

2. Help prospective buyers project themselves in the property

Many buyers struggle to project themselves in a home when buying off-plan. Interactive CGI’s help buyers create an emotional connection as they walk can walk through their property and start customising furniture choices and layouts as well as selecting different materials such as flooring and wall colours.


3. Interactive virtual property realisations are more cost-effective than you may think

Traditional 3D rendering can be expensive and images are presented to buyer’s static so they can only have limited engagement with the property.  Interactive walkthroughs are a cost-effective way to bridge this gap and increase buyer engagement. 

Even with larger schemes, developers can order an interactive walkthrough at a very affordable cost for each different floorplan.  This guarantees housebuilders have complete coverage of their development ensuring buyers can interact with every floorplan variation on site.


4. Benefit from incredibly quick turnarounds 

Some CGI and 3D rendering can take weeks to provide images but creating 3D interactive property environments can be turned around in as little as 24 hours.  This is because they use advanced gaming software to virtualise your annotated floorplans or CAD drawings.  


5. Interactive CGI de-risks your investment

Developments will always be subject to volatile market conditions but the risk can be mitigated by ensuring that off-plan sales remain strong throughout the lifecycle of the development.  Interactive CGI demonstrates to buyers the potential of the space even before construction has begun promoting earlier sales.  Interactive CGI demonstrates the potential of the concept of the development creating a desire to want to live in the development.

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