Welcome to Revvis…
Revvis puts the future at your fingertips. It is an advanced simulation software application using the latest 3D technology allowing users to step inside, self-manage and plan a new property before it is even built.
Experience first-hand the interior and exterior and visualise the property in real time. You can navigate through it as if you’re really there, opening French doors, walking up and down stairs and exploring each room in detail. Every space can be added to your bespoke virtual model including gardens, garages and outdoor areas from stylish patios to barbeque pits.
How Revvis works…
To enable virtualisation of a property and an interactive tour, all we need are fully annotated floorplans, CAD drawings and elevations. We can also get started with an outline sketch of the property and its dimensions – whatever works best for you.
The property can be furnished with a selection of our pre-installed catalogue products and experienced in all its depths before construction has begun, or at any stage of the build. The various fittings, decorative elements and colour settings of walls and floors not only serve a visual purpose but can be found in actual stores. Not only does Tthis is designed to make the whole experience as smooth as possible and, it presents an opportunity to upsell premium fixtures and fittings.
The Revvis platform can be extended with countless functional and helpful plug-ins. Testing light at different times of the day is just one of many popular features. In addition, the catalogue feature can be used to play around with furniture and colourway choices, kitchen cupboards and appliances, worktops and floor and wall tiles, even electric sockets and lightning planning. The platform allows collaborative viewing with other users, whether potential homebuyers, clients, investors or as a family.
The key functions of Revvis:
  • Experience every room in a property in three dimensions
  • Set up outdoor areas according to the position of the sun and fixed placements, like trees, patios, sitting areas or swimming pools
  • Great for snagging and aftercare to avoid wasting time
  • Test light at different times of day and adjust brightness levels of lights
  • Experiment with floor coverings and wall paints
  • Select and position furniture and order items if desired
  • Provide online maintenance access for tradespeople such as electricians
  • Submit changes to the architect before construction
  • Continuous access and use possible, even when selling the property
  • Change the height of the person virtually viewing the home
  • Measure the distance between any two points using the precise measuring tool
Who can use Revvis?
The easy-to-use application simulates walking and fluid movement from first-person perspective, enabling realistic 3D virtual tours for housebuilders, property developers, interior designers or individuals.
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