The Revvis Catalogue
For individuals
Our extensive catalogue of furnishings, accessories and deécor gives you endless combinations to add to your property so it’s exactly how you want it.
You can browse categories including colour, woods, tiles or paint and apply to the desired surface, and watch the property come to life before building work has even begun. The catalogue items can be selected for an entire room or a single wall or floor and will instantly show you how they will look in real life. You can even make use of the virtual furniture arrangement feature to drag and rotate furniture into position with the click of a mouse, and buy the items directly through the platform.
The entire interior design can be transformed whilst you are virtually walking around the house, or you can make changes from an orbital view looking into the property, whichever is easier for you.
As Revvis is a fully-integrated virtual property 3D configuration programme, there’s no need to have a spreadsheet recording your interior design investment. The software conveniently calculates the materials needed for floors and walls, so you don’t have to.
For suppliers
Our customers, prospective buyers and builders have the opportunity to experiment with furniture, colours, carpets, decorations, and other items virtually in their original size. Not only that, Revvis gives you the opportunity to customise your own catalogue and visualise real items that can be found in the suppliers stores.
This is the perfect product placement opportunity for businesses to introduce users to a range of interior items at a time when they are building and visualising properties, including dream homes and apartments – a modern marketing strategy that really works both ways.
Why should you feature your products in the Revvis catalogue?
  • Visible globally to every Revvis user
  • Reduce wastage and present products virtually
  • Increase the marketability of your products
  • Upsell the extras
  • Create new revenue streams for your business
  • Stand out from your competition
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