Welcome to the world of Revvis

Planning the interior for a property can be difficult if you can’t quite imagine how everything will come together, not knowing if a particular wall colour will complement the lighting within a living room, or if the guest bedroom will look bigger with solid oak flooring rather than carpet.

Don’t just imagine what a property will look like; visualise it as if you’re really there.

Revvis is the future of property visualisation

Our dynamic, three-dimensional platform has changed the game in property visualisation. Straight from your PC or laptop, Revvis allows you to take a 3D virtual tour of any property in real time, giving you an exciting, interactive experience like no other.

Experiment with a variety of colour schemes, furniture items and flooring options at any stage of the process.

You can take a tour of any kind of property from a dream home to a contemporary apartment. Make selections for each room as you virtually walk through the property, choosing everything from lighting features to outdoor spaces including patios and garages.

Walk up carpeted stairs, open up doors to a Juliet balcony while exploring every space indoors and outdoors as if you’re actually in the property. You can enter each floor of the property experiencing the size, layout and effect, and innovative features mean elements such as the roof can be temporarily removed to help with shaping and viewing the virtual model from an aerial orbital perspective.

Explore the Revvis catalogue

Using our intelligent catalogue feature, you can bring the property to life and enjoy playing around with different furnishings and fixtures to establish the perfect look and feel for each room. Our measuring tool will help you to pick out furniture that will fit within the dimensions of each room, and select the right amount of materials for walls and floors such as wallpaper and tiles. To streamline the whole process, revvis even covered that part, as most of the furniture items and materials that can be seen in revvis in their virtual size, actually exist in the real world. Saving you hours of researching, whilst also giving you the opportunity to keep tabs on the running total of the items to fit within your budget.

Perfect your garden with the position of the sun and shadows in mind, picking out the ideal place for your outdoor seating, barbeque pit or sun loungers next to your swimming pool for those hot summer months, and choosing which patio style will work best.

Tell me more…

Anyone can use Revvis, and with the latest advanced technology, smooth navigation and a comprehensive guide to help get you set up, you’ll soon be on your way to planning the house or apartment of your dreams. You can also use the platform wearing VR glasses, offering a futuristic ‘live‘ experience of the property and adjust the height of the person walking through the property – great for younger family members who would like to have fun choosing a theme for their bedroom.

The screenshot function also allows you to take and send images of the property using high quality 4K rendering.

Wondering how to get started? All we need are fully annotated floorplans of your property, CAD drawings and elevations. Alternatively, we can make a start on the virtual model using an outline sketch and dimensions of the property. Once we have the virtual model in place, it’s over to you…

Why should I choose Revvis?

  • Visualise your property in 3D at any stage of its completion
  • Use the latest technology in property visualisation
  • Play around with decor and furnishings to suit your style
  • Interior and exterior design functions are included
  • Easy access, straight from your PC or laptop
  • Experience light at different times of day and tweak the light brightness levels
  • Adjust the height of the person virtually viewing the home
  • Use the precise measuring tool to calculate the distance between any two points
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