Builders and developers, welcome to Revvis…
Private builders…
As we know, properties can take months, if not years, to build. What if there were a tool that you could use to show your customers what the property is going to look like before it’s complete, from planning stage until the first brick is laid?
Our dynamic and interactive platform means you and your clients can walk through a 3D virtual tour of a property in real time, taking the stress out of managing expectations pre and post-purchase.
Watch your profit margins grow, as the Revvis catalogue feature means your customers can enjoy experimenting with the decor and furnish every space with items directly from the platform itself. Selecting premium bathroom tiles, upgrading kitchen appliances, changing doors, windows and lights are just some of the options your customers can simply select and place in their virtual property within the platform. The catalogue not only makes bringing a property to life really easy, it also offers you a huge opportunity to upsell premium fixtures and fittings, helping to increase your profitability on each property you’re working on.
Bringing the property to life virtually will also help you to prioritise your work schedule, make it easier to plan ahead and avoid making mistakes. It opens up communication and collaboration with your colleagues and customers, which can be particularly helpful when you’re working away from the property or development. Hand over the virtualisation of the property to your customer who can use the platform throughout the life cycle process of the property.
Property developers…
Taking your customer service experience to the next level while making your job that bit easier doesn’t have to seem out of reach. With Revvis, your clients can walk through a 3D virtual tour of your portfolio of properties, viewing each room and outdoor areas as if they are actually there – a truly unique experience they won’t forget.
Customers can have fun experimenting with everything from indoor furniture and decor, as well as planning their garden around the position of the sun and shadows. This is all done via the intelligent catalogue and desktop measuring tool. As all catalogue items can be purchased directly through the platform this not only makes the customer’s experience as smooth as possible, it offers you a valuable opportunity to upsell premium fixtures and fittings – win, win.
Beyond improving your customers’ experiences, the innovative features within Revvis can take some of the pressure off you too. Organise the electrical installation of sockets and lightings of the property right from your PC and, use the measuring tool to ensure everything from furniture to flooring fits perfectly. You can also, and generate a purchase list of the interior items or materials selected by customers whilst keeping up-to-date with your upselling efforts.
Assemble your team of architects, engineers, agents and builders and brief them using a virtual model of the property, making priorities and responsibilities clearer than ever, and your project management role as simple as possible ensuring deadlines are met.
How Revvis works…
Worried you don’t have the technical skills needed? Revvis can be easily operated with users of all abilities – the programme has been designed with the user in mind and simple navigation at the forefront of this. A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial is included in the software to guide you and get you started.
Once you have sent us fully annotated floorplans, CAD drawings and elevations, we’ll get to work on a 3D virtual model of the property. When the model is ready, you can enter the building in real time and move around as though you are actually in the property.
You can virtually enter every room on each floor experiencing the size, layout and effect via your PC or laptop. There is also the option to view the property using VR glasses to give a futuristic ‘live’ interactive tour. From presenting your customers with an exciting virtual tour of their finalised property, or previewing fully furnished show homes to prospective clients, the possibilities are endless.
Why Revvis?
When it comes to marketing the property or development, a 3D virtual tour will help clients and potential buyers to really feel the uniqueness and quality of the property, down to every final detail. From adjusting the brightness of the lights at different times of day to stepping outside of the house and sizing up the garden, Revvis gives them the opportunity to walk around the property without actually needing to be there. The screenshot function also allows you to take and send images of the property to them remotely, using high quality 4K rendering. Other advantages include…
  • Opportunity to go to market before building work begins
  • Secure off plan reservations
  • Rapid sales progression
  • Upsell premium fixtures and fittings and watch your profit margins soar
  • Identify snagging at the earliest stage
  • Improved cash flow
  • Helps to prioritise workload and track progress
  • Simple navigation for all abilities
  • Greater communication with customers
  • Allow customers to visualise their a property months in advance of completion
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