Why choose Revvis?
Revvis uses the latest 3D technology with architecture drawings, plans and measurements to create a virtual model of property. Create the space you want to live in. Include the house, outside space and garden. No need to imagine what it will look like. Build it in Revvis and you can actually walk through a real time view of your dream home.
The latest 3D, AR and VR experts have created revvis.
Continuous access on PC and our web-based app is coming SOON.
Build your room sets in easy steps. Anyone can use it.
Architect and designer features for a fraction of the cost.
We are committed to making selling property, easier, quicker and more exciting.
Revvis for Individuals
Imagine you are sitting home with your partner trying to realize how would your new property look like. Instead of making a lot of errors and spending a lot of money because you can’t agree which color paint should you use for the wall or what kind of furniture fits the best in the room. This can all be quickly resolved with Revvis, which means saving time and money. You can design everything together with your whole family or on your own, with Revvis there will be no lack of inspiration.
Revvis for Private builders and Property developers
A three-dimensional simulation software, Revvis lets you experience houses, apartments, buildings and, other objects in real time before they are even built. This is great because it makes your work schedule worrying-free, you will avoid or at least minimize your mistakes and it will help your set up to be more collaborative. That means it will not help only you but will also improve and help in your interaction with the customer.
Let’s talk about how Revvis can help you improve your cash flow.
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