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Tuesday 26, October 2021

The Negotiator: A true game changer in virtual viewings

Seamless, live and with full interaction, using the latest gaming and architectural technology, revvis creates property virtualisations that are a game-changer for the property market.
Tuesday 26, October 2021

Forget Hollywood films, the future of 3D rendering is in property

COMMENT From movies and games to shopping, consumers always welcome a visual experience.
Tuesday 26, October 2021

Prop-tech company makes first appointment in the North-East

The company behind a new software application for the UK property sector has made its first appointment in the North East.
Tuesday 26, October 2021

The Negotiator - Virtual tours

Another company that is gone heavily into CGI property tours is revvis.
Tuesday 26, October 2021

Will agents need virtual viewings after Covid is over?

Before the Coronavirus pandemic struck virtual viewings were just another tool among many used by agents to market properties...
Tuesday 26, October 2021

Virtually Sold!

Before the lockdown – in a time when agents did everything possible to literally get a foot in the door – virtual viewings were put in a proptech box labelled, ‘bit of a luxury, not really necessary’.
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