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You can download revvis for free from our homepage.

You can issue an order with us to implement you object into revvis. We then will create a 3D representation for you. Charges are according to our pricelist.

We need annotated floorplans and sectional cuts in either PDF or as CAD drawings

After issuing the order, we will set up an account for you within our system enabling you to upload all plans needed for the creation process. We will then create, implement, test and deploy your house/ apartment and send a notice of completion to your email.

Credit card , PayPal or wire transfer are accepted.

We will send an invoice after the virtualisation has been deployed. We have 14 day payment terms.

We recommend at least 4 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card with minimum 2GB VRAM. revvis can be scaled in quality to account for a wide array of computing power.

revvis can be integrated into any website. Users can then stream our interactive virtualisations with HD streaming.

revvis is build to be as intuitive as possible and requires no prior training or knowledge. We offer short tutorial videos on YouTube to assist with the first steps as well as short tutorial introductions, within the software, when using it for the first time.

You can ask questions and report problems in a number of different ways. Issues can be reported directly from within revvis suing the feedback feature. Issues can be raised via our website chatbot or you can reach out to our team directly on

Yes, you can share it with how ever many people you wish.

Your virtualisations can be accessed and shared in two manners. Either via our direct download or by embedding into a website. Our desktop application is perfectly suited for one on one virtual viewings with buyers and your sales team whereas our streaming web solution can be distributed by sharing the URL. uses cookies where necessary for the operation of its website. To help better understand how our website is used we also use analytics cookies, but only if you consent. See our cookie statement for more details.